Input Function Not Working


Input function is not working in Jupyter Notebook.As soon as I am running input function, it gets crash and if I am entering any other code after that, it will not run.
Please suggest as I tried to uninstall and then again install but still faces the same issue.

Hi @Bhawna, can you show more info about your question?
Do you mean input() function?


I want to take input from user and below is the code:
Value= input(“enter a number”)

After running this code its gets hanged and if I am writing and other code after this its not executing.

Hi, I understand your question.
It’s not a bug. The input() function will block your programe until you input some thing from your keyboard. If you don’t, the programe will just wait there, so the code after input() will not work. It’s also because they use the same ipythen kernel.
I think that the other way to make your code work is using multithreading or coroutine.