Increase RAM for Jupyter notebook

Hi Team,

My laptop configurations are 32GB RAM/AMD Ryzen 9 with 8Cores.

I’m trying to run a image processing Deep learning example. It takes around 30minutes to complete.
I used jupyter-resource-usage library for viewing the RAM usage.

When running the code, the ram usage is only upto 1.3 GB.

I used below settings for increasing the RAM Size,

1.Creating config file by jupyter notebook --generate-config
2. Uncommented below and changed the values(12GB)

c.NotebookApp.max_buffer_size = 12000000000
c.NotebookApp.iopub_data_rate_limit = 12000000000

But still, the Max ram usage is only upto 1.3GB.

Is there a way, to provide more memory and make the code run faster?

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