In a jupyter notebook, is there anyway to go to the top cell where all the import statements are and then return back to current working cell, using keyboard?

During writing the code, while I am in the middle part of the notebook I always want to include some import statements but for that I always have to scroll up to the top cell write the import statement and scroll back down to the previous working cell and continue from there. Is there a keyboard shortcut for this?

Are you sure you are using the classic notebook interface as your topic tags indicate?
JupyterLab lets you open two views of the notebook side-by-side (or even above and below if you prefer) so that you can edit different parts in the two views. See here as detailed under '‘Create multiple synchronized views of a single notebook’ in JupyterLab’s Notebooks documentation.
It’s abilities like these that make JupyterLab the current generation interface.