Implementing mem_limit in sudospawner et al?

Is there any interest in getting mem_limit to work in sudospawner and friends? Would a pull request be accepted?
I guess most people use containers nowadays, but I’m still on good old fashioned VMs (in Azure) and have implemented mem_limit in sudospawner. It is rather crude but seems to work.

Here is a code snippet for sudospawner:

    def make_preexec_fn(self):
        if not str(self.mem_limit).isnumeric():
            return None
        from functools import partial
        mem_limit = self.mem_limit"memory_limit set to:",str(mem_limit))
        def set_resource_limits(mem_limit):
            import resource
            resource.setrlimit(resource.RLIMIT_RSS, (mem_limit, mem_limit))
        return partial(set_resource_limits, mem_limit)

I could send a PR, but it seems like there is no recent activity on sudospawner so I do not want to waste anyones time here.

Best regards

Hmm, on second thought this seems to be the wrong solution. systemdspawner seems to have this covered, but selinux blocks systemd from spawning on RHEL clones (Rocky). I do not want to disable selinux. Still investigating…