I want to know if there is a better way to code highlight code in cells in jupyter labs

The default highlight color in jupyterlab is hard to read the code. I want to know if there is a better way to highlight the code in code cells. I have tried using chrome extensions which provide option to change highlighter color but for some reason it doesn’t work inside code cells.
What’s my option?

There may well be some other jupyterlab themes you would like better.

Another path: the nickle fix would be something like this, just in e.g. My Theme.ipynb, which would just need to be open in lab tab behind the notebook you’re working on:

.CodeMirror-focused .CodeMirror-selected { background: red; } // change to suit

You could then persist this in:

  • your browser by installing some chrome “user script” or “style manager”
    • can’t really give a particular recommendation, as I don’t know which ones are shady/selling data these days
  • your jupyterlab settings by installing jupyterlab-fonts
    • disclaimer: author

I like the second solution. Thanks.