Hub resolves wrong ip (spawned notebook) after upgrading ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04

Hi !

We use the batchspawner to spawn slurm jobs. After upgrading from ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04, hupyterhub cannot connect to the spawned notebooks.
→ jupyterhub versions have not changed.
→ slurm works
→ notebooks are spawned correctly (client notebook runs, but will be killed due to timeouts)
debug log for old and new configurations looks the same, expect one thing:
Expecting server for skibbe at: http://v100-01:53089/user/skibbe/
Expecting server for skibbe at: http://MR-ldap:0/user/skibbe/

“MR-ldap” is the computer where jupyterhub is running. “v100-01”: where the notebook has spawned. 53089 the port of the spawnd notebook. So under Ubuntu 22.04, jupyterhub tries to connect to the wrong IP and wrong port (local server and port 0???).

Has anyone an idea? Thanks a lot in advance.

I might have figured it out. I was installing the latest wrapspawner. Switching back to wrapspawner==1.0.1 seems to solve the issue.