How to port modules from Python 2.7 to 3.x

I am quite new to Python 3 coming from Python 2.7 …

by migrating some of the more complex modules I found an error at (P2) string.atof() method. how will this be replaced?

Is there a general description of how to migrate from 2 to 3 ?
thanks for an anwer


I’m guessing since I don’t see this instance mentioned in a lot of places it is one of those that is handled by the standard conversion scripts. This conversion guide for user’s of MeVisLab mentions that issue under the section ‘Common Issues’.

At the bottom of that page there’s two links to some more general resources that I’ve used in the past.

I only found that page above because it seemed to mention your issue.
Otherwise, my favorites in no particular order:

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thanks Fomightez,
I assume I have quite some work ahead of myself - But it has to be done. As I said: I am hardened …