How to open an .ipynb doc in an extra JL tab from an HTML document in another tab?

First post. Hello to all and thanks for your work on Jupyter.

I’m using JupyterLab from a recent jupyter/jupyter/scipy-notebook Docker image.

From an .ipynb document opened in a JupyterLab tab, I can open another document in another JupyterLab tab by clicking a link in a markdown cell. Tabs that already exist are focused. Works great.

What do I need to do the same from an HTML document displayed in JupyterLab? In other words, how can I create a link (or button) that will prompt JupyterLab to open an .ipynb document to a new JupyterLab tab, or focus an existing tab if it exists?

Thanks in advance!

Ok. I’ll take it’s not not possible from HTML then.
How? Why?

This is totally insufficient, and workspaces get clearly in the way.