How to modify the jupyverse UI

in the cloned GitHub - jupyter-server/jupyverse: A Jupyter server based on FastAPI 🚀 project codebase , I can not find the UI-releated files( html nor js nor css ) which is required when browse by browser.

so what’s the relation between jupyverse and jupyterlab? if I’d want to modify jupyter UI, should I clone the jupyterlab’s repo ? but how to connect jupyterlab VS jupyverse? and how to re-build to get assets files after modify?

I’ve tried to install the jupyterlab local development environment in windows 10,but not easy, failed with strange errors. according to docs:

and docs : Contribute — JupyterLab 4.1.4 documentation

jupyverse is just a meta-package for installing a number of plugins that make up a Jupyter server.

as mentioned here Custom Jupyverse releaser · Issue #377 · jupyter-server/jupyverse · GitHub

according to
docs : Advanced Usage — JupyterLab 4.1.4 documentation

underling build is based on jupyterlab’s build

got it. bellow is how to update jupyterlab UI ( jupyverse’s UI is just jupyterlab’s UI ) after modifying its typescript source code:

command to build jupyterlab’s typescript to jupyterlab’s directory

cd jupyterlab
jlpm run build

if success, we’ll find UI static files under jupyterlab\dev_mode\static\ directory.

then we can copy all file from "jupyterlab\dev_mode\static" directory into our jupyverse’s “static/” directory ( where jupyverse serve static files from this direcotry ,normally under jupyterlab python’s print(sys.prefix + “/share/jupyter/lab/static”) resulting path) . and restart jupyverse to view latest UI .

jupyverse start command: Single user - Jupyverse (

source code of URL route of static files: