How to Launch Binder with python 3.8?

My repo requires python 3.8. How can I launch a binder with this version? Currently, it fails to load my package.

ERROR: Package ‘py-entangle’ requires a different Python: 3.7.10 not in ‘==3.8.*’

The various configuration files are documented in repo2docker. The file linked there is for the runtime.txt, so in this case, a single line:


Another approach, as binder is running inside a conda environment, is specifying the python version in environment.yml (which supersedes runtime.txt). As it looks like py-entangle is not on conda-forge (and might be… hard, given the extremely locked-down dependencies), it can be specified in the pip key:

# environment.yml
- conda-forge
- python =3.8
- pip
- pip:
  - py-entangle

Thank you!!

I appreciate the info