How to force re-login for users


we’re using JupyterHub to spawn JupyterLab containers via the dockerspawner.SystemUserSpawner class. For authentication we are using a custom class extension of the PAMAuthenticator class which does some additional creation of kerberos tickets if the user is authenticated with the system.

The Kerberos tickets expire after 10 hours and we need to force the users to login with JH in order to create a new kerberos ticket.

We have tried with various approaches to force a redirect to JH from the JupyterLab servers.

e.g. in the

JupyterHub.cookie_max_age_days = 0.4125

as suggested by


c.JupyterHub.tornado_settings.cookie_options = dict(expires_days=0.41.25, max_age_days=0.4125)

as suggested by

Both of which seems to generate a log entry in jupyterhub in the lines of:

[...] JupyterHub base:350] Invalid or expired cookie token

but which doesn’t force the user to log out.

If the user clicks on the “Hub Control Panel” entry in the file menu, they are redirected to a login page on the JH side, but if they use a deep link to their JupyterLab instance (e.g. https://{server_name}/user/{username}/lab? ), they are not prompted for their credentials.

How do I force a redirection to the jupyterhub login page?

Update: this seems tangentially related to Culling JupyterLab and OAuth cookies causing errors when user returns days later to use system

The new refresh_user API in 1.0 is meant to specifically enable this kind of thing, so it would be a great use case to test with. This is meant to refresh auth if possible (e.g. refresh tokens), or return None if a new login should be required (e.g. auth revoked or refresh token expired).

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Thanks for the answer and pointing me towards the new API feature. It looked promising, and the coroutine is also picked up as advertised. I have created the method refresh_user in my Authenticator class as such:

def refresh_user(self, user, handler=None):
    return None

and in the JH log I see that it is being hit and that returning None triggers the following message from

JupyterHub base:294] User smhe has stale auth info. Login is required to refresh.

However, when I then in a new tab in the browser use the deeplink https://{servername}/user/{username}/lab?, it opens the JupyterLab without requiring re-authentication from JH. Am I doing something wrong with the implementation?

Essentially a bump, but I would really like to see a working example of how to implement refresh_user to force jupyterhub to redirect the browser to the login screen.

I have tried returning both False and None which, as described above, is picked up to some degree, but not enough to have the JH server do anything about it. Any ideas appreciated.

I have still found no solution to this problem. However, I can see that a jupyterhub-session-id cookie is created upon successful login. This can be deleted without affecting the authentication status of the logged in user. Can someone point me in the direction of the documentation describing how cookies relate to authentication status in jupyterhub?

Thanks in advance