How to enable "Save Widget State Automatically" by default?

I run a deploy of Jupyter (served up by JupyterHub) where users primarily interact with widgets. It would be very helpful to have some way to turn on “Save Widget State Automatically” for our users so that we don’t have to instruct them to do this each and every time.

Is there any way to turn on “Save Widget State Automatically” by default? Perhaps through some sort of configuration in or something?

You can do this in JupyterLab, where this is actually a setting that can be configured and have defaults. Are you using JupyterLab?

Yes, we’re using JupyterLab, although I’m fairly new at figuring out how to configure lab specifically. Is there preferred way to change System Defaults (like saveState) so that new users on our deploy get those defaults?

Yes. You can create a system default settings file in a special location that overrides the plugin default settings.

See, particularly the section about the overrides.json file.

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Thank you! That’s what I was looking for.

Sounds like it would be good to have a deployment section in the jlab docs with information like this. I’m not sure how you would have found that information in the docs by searching them.

(If you’d like to contribute to JLab, you would be ideal to do this, since you know where you would have looked and what language would have made sense to you)

I’ll take a look at writing a draft of the doc.


Perhaps even just a section in would be helpful? Would you have found it there? Something about customizing default settings for JupyterLab?