How to delete p-Widget, lm-Widget classes from ipywidgets (custom widgets)

Hi, I would love to be able to delete p-Widget, lm-Widget or any added auto added classes from my custom ipywidgets and only keep my own classes. How can I achieve that? Thanks

Without knowing more about where this is trying to be fixed: at the JS level, a WidgetView, the render function has access to underlying this.el, which is the plain DOM node, so the this.el.classlist member which has add and remove methods.

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@bollwyvl how can i access to it from python side tho?

The base CSS classes cannot be removed with the Python API, but again, without knowing why this is important, it’s hard to provide any more information.

If the intent is “make a widget look different with only python”, there have been a number of discussions of ways to customize widget style.

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@bollwyvl it is important because I want to delete style effects of p-Widget, lm-Widget classes from my widgets completely.