How to create their own namespace for each user

The notebook-server pod run in the same namespace with JupyterHub components (hub/proxy/user-scheduler), I want to know is there any way I can create their own namespace (such as by username) for each user, and server pod running in it.

I found an option c.KubeSpawner.enable_user_namespaces in KubeSpawner Doc. Looks like great !!!

You can’t use that yet =/

It was added in this PR. Before you can try that feature, a release of kubespawner must be made, and then a bump in the JupyterHub Helm chart to use the latest version of kubespawner.

If you visit GitHub - jupyterhub/kubespawner: Kubernetes spawner for JupyterHub you can watch for releases so you get notified when that happens.

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