How to configure mime-types on files opened in the tree?

I would like to open .mp3 files from my Jupyter notebook, but I am getting a CORB error from my Chrome browser (302 when I use localhost and 403 when I use another PC on my local network) for some reason; perhaps that it is trying to get content as text/html. Is there any way to tell Jupyter to just serve these as audio/mpeg for MP3 files?

sample URL: https://somehost:8889/view/src/some_file.mp3

Each additional media type needs to be added explicitly: the images are handled, for example, with the imageviewer. There’s even a trove classifier for document types, but not too many takers yet.

The file will be served correctly from anything that uses the display system (e.g. Audio) or raw HTML.

A quick catch-all, if you are working locally, might be jupyterlab-fileopen.