How to change root directory

Id like to be able to explore the files on my server a little more freely, right now the only place I can go to is /home/username/lab. I don’t need access to the entire file system just /home/username but I can’t get it to work using all the dir flags I can find when launching Jupyter from command line. my system is Linux and I should mention I have it running with sage 9.1. Is it possible to run Jupyter this way? if so how do I do it? thanks in advance!

You can change that root directory by either launching JupyterLab in a different directory (the root directory is by default the directory it is launched in), or by explicitly setting it from the command line when launching using the --notebook-dir:

From jupyter lab --help (in JupyterLab 3.0, but similar help text is in JupyterLab 2):

    The directory to use for notebooks and kernels.
    Default: ''
    Equivalent to: [--ServerApp.root_dir]

so i tried that and had the same problem