How to access single user notebook in a web browser in API only mode?

I would like to inquire about how to run user notebooks in a web browser while in API only mode.

I’m interested in using JupyterHub’s API only mode to enable users to run their individual single-user JupyterLab servers.

I’ve configured the environment on AWS EKS by referring to “Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes.”

  • helm chart version 3.0.3

I followed the steps below:

  1. After configuring config.yaml as shown below, I logged in as the root user and generated an API Token.

            - root
  2. To use API Only mode, I changed the Authenticator to NullAuthenticator.
    I modified config.yaml as follows and performed a helm upgrade.

          authenticator_class: "null"
  3. I have successfully achieved the following workflow to obtain a user’s server URL through API calls:

    1. User creation
      • POST HUB_URL/hub/api/user/{user_name}
    2. User API token creation
      • POST HUB_URL/hub/api/user/{user_name}/tokens
    3. User server creation
      • POST HUB_URL/hub/api/user/{user_name}/server
    4. Obtaining the user server address and checking its status
      • GET HUB_URL/hub/api/user/{user_name}
  4. After confirming that servers.ready has become true in step 3.4, I attempted to run JupyterLab in the browser using the following user server URL:

    • HUB_URL/user/{user_name}/?token={user_api_token}

JupyterLab runs as expected, but icons are broken, and when I inspect the developer tools, I see websocket connection failures.

Could you please assist me in identifying where I might be going wrong? Your help would be greatly appreciated.