How save parameters in widgets in voila

I have many widgets in my Jupyter Notebook and voila. I want to save value(parameters) in widgets after reloading voila-page. Can you give me some advice or solution ?

Thanks a lot

Have you seen this extension for JupyterLab called jupyterlab-interactive-dashboard-editor? Look under the Additional Gifs because it looks like it lets you save the dashboard. Maybe that will do what you are looking for?

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Thanks for your answer. Maybe I misinterpreted my problem.
I mean value in ipywidgets in pic.1


Later, users changed value.


How can I save new value after restart voila? How can I save a new user’s value?

Thanx a lot for your answers:)

I think you need to be clearer what you mean by ‘restart’ voila and what your environment is?
My guess is that you want persistence? I believe there is a way based on what was discussed here. I haven’t done this, and so I am unclear if you want to be triggering a save of the notebook every so often or caching it is enough.

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I mean if user log off in voila page and enter again. I want to save new values in widgets.