How do you manage the built-in jlab_server environment from terminal?

Hi, I normally run my notebooks from Jupyterlab Desktop and often I utilize the native built-in environment jlab_server (/Users/my_username/Library/jupyterlab-desktop/jlab_server/bin/python) to run notebook commands. If I need to install something I just run !PIP install command and it worked well.

However, I have a hard time uninstalling or downgrading certain packages because they often have a prompt for Y/n which in the notebook I can’t seems to be able to pass input.

So my question is how do you manage this native built-in environment from the terminal?

Also, does anyone know how to pass input into a Jupyter Notebook cell?

Content of the post, with not quite the same title, is cross-posted here.

Sorry, I didn’t know that I am not supposed to ask the same question in and Stackoverflow. But I haven’t heard back from anyone with a solution, even though this seems to be something relatively simple.

It is fine to post at both locations. It is just proper etiquette to acknowledge the related posts in all locations for the reasons I mentioned.

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