How do I use the mouse to select,cut,copy,paste text within a cell

This seems like a basic capability of most text editors
today and it is my normal method of editing text and code.
But I cannot seem to find a way to do it in jupyter notebook.

  1. place cursor by moving with the mouse and click
  2. click and drag to select text which gets highlighted
  3. open some menu or find an icon and click on it
    to cut, copy, or paste
    Cut, copy, paste only seem to work at the cell level -
    not on text within a cell. Am I missing something?

OP here: the real issue seems to be that there is no
highlighting of the selected text - other than that
it seems to work - is there any way to turn highlighting on?
OS:Debian 10 MATE desktop Firefox browser.

i have also this problem. I can copy the output but I Can not copy my codes. On my computer default browser is Explorer. When i try it with another browser it works. So it is because of browser i think, you can try it with an another browser.

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