How do I set k8s JupyterHub user using Linux local user‘s uid and gid?’

I have deploy jupyterhub for k8s on 3 nodes,and how do I set up the specific UID and GID when the pod start?
For example:I got a local user Max, whose UID is 2009 and GID is 800, how do I set the config to map these UID and GID to the default jovyan(1000:100)?and Which authentication should I use to locate the use on local machine?

I’ve got an example configuration with LDAP in

Which authentication should I use to locate the use on local machine?

Since you’re using K8s local users/authentication can’t be used, you’ll either need to use an external (remote) authenticator such as OAuthenticator, or let JupyterHub manage all your users such as with GitHub - jupyterhub/nativeauthenticator: JupyterHub-native User Authenticator
though in this case you won’t need to modify UIDs/GIDs.

If I generate the same users of uid and gid inside the jhub pod, could I use the PAM ?since I have many files that have different owner UID,and I want the user who spawn a new pod that can access their own local file,instead of everyone is jovyan,and share all files

In theory you could write a custom authenticator and configure the spawner to work with local users and groups, but it’ll require some experimentation since Kubernetes assumes everything is running in containers. How are you configuring users and groups on your hosts- are you using an external directory service?

I just setup same uid and gid on different hosts, not using external directory service,only the local setting.