How do I set JupyterHub's URL to directly redirect to the Linux desktop page?

JupyterHub provides jupyter-remote-desktop-proxy, which allows you to start a Linux desktop and connect to it via VNC. How do I set up JupyterHub’s configuration file, or how do I give a JupyterHub URL that can directly redirect to the Linux desktop page after logging into JupyterHub?

Dear @fiveight58,

Once you configured the desktop in, e.g.:

c.ServerProxy.servers = {
  'neurodesktop': {
    'command': ['/opt/neurodesktop/'],
    'port': 8080,
    'timeout': 60,
      'request_headers_override': {
          'Authorization': 'Basic am92eWFuOnBhc3N3b3Jk',
      'launcher_entry': {
        'path_info' : 'neurodesktop',
        'title': 'Neurodesktop',
        'icon_path': '/opt/AEDAPT_Brain_Logo_Box.svg'

you can then access it directly using the link (here, for example in binder):

or in jupyter lab:

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Dear @stebo85
I am using jupyterhub with k3s, and I install jupyterhub with helm.
So where should I create file?
Thank you very much!

Dear @fiveight58,

the file is in the jupyter docker image you run in Kubernetes. Here is an example: neurodesktop/Dockerfile at 38315bf15224c6b5c9b2b740cd9e41c20c76131d · NeuroDesk/neurodesktop · GitHub

Kind regards

Dear @stebo85 Thank you! I will try this.