How do I find the logs of the jupyter server proxy for debugging?

I’m trying to use th jupyter-server-proxy and panel-jupyter-proxy on Binder. But my app is not showing.

I simply cannot find out what goes wrong. If I could just find the logs to see which command is started and the error messages. Where do I find the logs?

A reproducible example where I cannot get things working is this



I need server side logs to understand why nothing is showing up. How do I find them?

You can find some logs in /home/jovyan/.jupyter-server-log.txt inside the server.

In general it’s quite difficult to debug the jupyter instrastructure inside mybinder, it’s easier to run repo2docker (the application underlying BinderHub) locally:

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You can start your web service from the command-line and look at the output/error. For example if you run your service as

panel serve --allow-websocket-origin=* --prefix /user/long-binder-user/proxy/absolute/1234 --port 1234 --log-level debug

You can connect to it at

where long-binder-user is the long binder username. Also I think the binder hub may not always be served from

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