How do I Expand the Jupyterlab editor screen

How do I Expand the Anaconda Jupyterlab editor screen. Am extremely new to anaconda in particular and Python in general.

What do you mean by “expand”?

the editor window is too small. I want a wider space to type in code.

Do you refer to the cell editor in a notebook or to the file editor or something else? Can you share a screenshot?

In the View menu you can toggle UI elements such as statusbar, sidebar, activity bars etc. There is also a simple mode which can be toggled in this menu or by flicking answitch on the statusbar (on the left). Finally you can change font size in the Settings Editor. Does it help?

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Dear Mike
Attached is the screen. I want the width increased

Kind regards

You click on the buttons on the sidebars to hide the sidebars and use the view menu to hide specific items. You should be able to resize the sections by dragging via the grey bars.

If the Anaconda Assistant panel introduces a minimum width, this is not something the Jupyter community can help with because it is not a part of JupyterLab itself, but comes from an extension developed and maintained by Anaconda (and I don’t even think it is open source). I would suggest reaching out to Anaconda to ask for support (CC @ericsnekbytes or @RRosio may know appropriate link to support team)

If you wish to use a community-maintained AI assistant in jupyterlab, you may wish to try GitHub - jupyterlab/jupyter-ai: A generative AI extension for JupyterLab.