How do I enable a bash kernel?

Are there any docs/examples on installing the bash (or other kernels)? I believe I want to do this from a Dockerfile based on jupyter/base-notebook.

This is now working for me. Not sure I need the conda part of it…

RUN conda install --quiet --yes -c conda-forge bash && \
     conda clean --all -f -y && \
     pip install bash_kernel && \
     python -m bash_kernel.install && \
     rm -rf /home/$NB_USER/.local && \
     fix-permissions $CONDA_DIR && \
     fix-permissions /home/$NB_USER

Looks like you got it working sqqqrly…
In case anyone else stumbles upon this thread looking to do it where they want to use a more / Binderish-approach, I followed and had pip handle the first of the two steps. (I suspect you can do it with a requirements.txt alone, but at the time I was using environment.yml.) And then used postBuild to do the install step. This repo has both of those and the kernel.

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