How can I get the rendered JupyterHub configuration?


I’m working on a z2jh deployment (ported over from a Mesos-based installation). The edit + helm update + test cycle is quite slow, and I was hoping to simply take the rendered JupyterHub configuration and run it locally. However, since z2jh generates it dynamically (and has other features), there’s no configuration for me to simply move to my development machine. Is there some sort of option to print out/extract a static version of the current configuration?


This seems to dump the Z2JH config from inside the hub pod:
kubectl -n NAMESPACE exec deploy/hub -- jupyterhub --config /usr/local/etc/jupyterhub/ --Application.show_config=True
It’ll require a bit of modification to get it in the correct format for further use though.

Awesome! That at least gets me close enough :slight_smile:

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