Hide markdown cell based on regex

I am trying to hide a markdown cell using a pattern like stated on docs


But It seems to me that trick only works for code cells. Is that so?

instead of using regex use jupyters tag system!

open the property inspector on the right bar and under common tools add a tag (i.e. ‘hidden’) to the cells you do not want to include.

you can then use jupyter nbconvert --to html --TagRemovePreprocessor.remove_cell_tags="hidden" mynotebook.ipynb

this works with all kinds of cells.

edit: if you still want to use regex, post some code snippets of what you want achieve, that would be helpful, to help you :slight_smile:

Tags are great! But neither google Colab enterprise or community seam to implement them, correct-me if I’m wrong, also sorry for asking in the forum, I should have asked them “colab” instead O:)