Help using custom nbconvert template for LaTeX figures

I’ve gone over the documentation on how to create a custom latex template for nbconvert, and I found a few good ones to work from, most notably Julius Schulz post here. Everything seemed to be working a couple of weeks ago, using the ![caption](path.png) markdown syntax and a template similar to the one from his website, but now all of the figures are simply using the same default behavior, presumably from Pandoc. No matter what I put in the ((*- block data_png -*)) section, it makes no impact on the converted latex - every PNG always uses the formatting here:


Assuming I’m the only one having this issue, can anyone help me understand what could be going on? The only way I can get the \begin{figure} block to change is to override ((*- block markdowncell -*)) or an input group higher up, but I would have thought something like

((*- block data_png -*))
<My LaTeX code>
((* endblock *))

would override Pandoc’s behavior for any PNG image and allow me to use my code instead.

Thank you!

This was resolved on the issues page here.

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