Helm chart installation fails due to timed out waiting for the condition

I’m trying to install the chart but it fails after a while with:

  Release "jhub" does not exist. Installing it now.
  Error: release jhub failed, and has been uninstalled due to atomic being set: timed out waiting for the condition

It’s not that the containers aren’t pulled, they are all there.

The only suspicious thing I see in Kubernetes is:

But in the logs of the containers I cannot see anything.
Any idea what condition it could be?

What makes you think it’s not the LoadBalancer that’s causing Helm to report it’s failed?

If you think the timeout is too short you can pass other parameters to Helm. If you don’t have access to a LoadBalancer you could use an Ingress, or a NodePort. If you paste your configuration file here, give us full details about your Kubernetes cluster, and show us your helm command, it’ll be easier for people to help you.

I have changed it to:

    type: ClusterIP

and now it works. Thanks

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