Governance Office Hours Meeting Minutes [archives up to 2022 April 22]

May I suggest to add the governance to Jupyter calendar on ? Even if it overlaps with many other things like the security workgroup meeting.

I know there are concerns to not have too many people in calls, but I don’t believe that adding this to the calendar will change that much the number of participant.

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Done! I can remove it at any point, if it creates any issues.

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Here is an interesting case study in how Debian gives maintainers a lot of autonomy and control, but still has a Technical Committee that can override decisions when they broadly impact the community. This is about decisions in the Debian community about the which command-line program: Debian's which hunt []

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October 29, 2021


Nov 05, 2021

  • Attending: Brian, Fernando, Ana, Zach, Jeremy, Tony, Adam Patterson for the first hour (daylight savings time confusion), then Steve, Sharan and Darian joined.

  • First part of the meeting: wrap up plans to move forward with the notebook6/7/retrolab plans

    • How do we prioritize and proceed so the nb7 plan happens in 6 months and not in 3y?
    • From the Notebook Wednesday meeting - We need a QA team! Many of our users don’t really know how to report any issues.
    • We need a tactical approach to this problem, with some project management, tracking, Q&A, etc.
    • Wednesday Notebook team meetings will become coordination/activity meetings for this effort.
    • Tony volunteered to start some project tracking structure for about a month unable to fully manage beginning to end.
    • Accessibility is a crucial topic to be addressed in the near term. It will be a positive for the transition: something new that solves an important problem, not only “upgrade so you’re not left behind.” It’s important to find these specific advancements, so we’re not only helping folks keep what they had before, but actually improve their experience as part of the transition.
    • Idea: could we have a super-pre-release version of nb7 out for the new year?
      • Goal would be to set up the repo structure, finalize decisions on where issues go, etc, so that we start 2022 with the code structured as necessary for the transition, so teams can begin setting up testing against a known target, etc.
  • Second part of the meeting: back to drafting governance docs.

    • PR 103 has votes to pass - pinging last SC members in case they’d like to vote, but we now begin planning its implementation as it seems certain to pass. Vote formally closes on Nov 12, but can be closed earlier as we have 14 yes votes.
    • Charter template for standing committees and working group. Ana to draft based on Community Building Committee and NF template for DISC

Nov 12, 2021

Attending: Brian, Fernando, Sylvain, Sharan, Darian, Jason.

Given the urgency and importance of the discussion around the notebook v7 transition, and the positive reception so far to the ideas we put out after @Zsailer’s posts, we figured today we should double down in moving the ProtoJEP a bit closer to a real JEP.

Because we haven’t had time for key Notebook folks to pitch in, we started gently with some draft text on my fork of the JEP repo. If by next Wednesday we see no major concerns, I’ll make a formal PR out of this into the JEP repo itself.

But feedback is welcome already there if anyone is interested, it’s just that we wanted everything to be openly and quickly, while giving key stakeholders a chance to pitch in before a formal JEP was created.

Today’s call only will be hosted on this channel: Launch Meeting - Zoom

This week’s governance call only will be hosted here:

The weekly governance call is open to the community members who care about governance issues. The call is held 9-11AM PST on Fridays.

Dec 3, 2021

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Dec 10, 2021

  • Attending: Ana, Darian, Fernando, Brian, Jason, Sylvain
  • Scheduling: the last two Fridays of the year are holidays (Christmas Eve and New Years), we’ll be canceling a few of the upcoming meetings, Darian will update the calendar entries
  • Worked on Executive Board document to resolve comments and do another pass at content which hasn’t been reviewed for some time

Jan 21, 2022

  • Attending: Tony Fast, Brian Granger, Jason Weill, Piyush Jain, Ana Ruvalcaba, Afshin Darian, Fernando Pérez.
  • Bootstrapping decision-making bodies for some projects like nbviewer that currently don’t have one. We will ping the Jupyter Distinguished Contributors list in case anyone there would be interested in participating.
  • Tony Fast will look into whether he can commit some bandwidth to shepherd this type of process for some of the web-facing projects that are now lacking in this regard. He will report back over the next few days.
  • Jason will look at some of the broken links and make a suggestion/PR to fix the more visible ones for now.

Jan 28, 2022

  • Attending: Tony Fast, Brian Granger, Jason Weill, Ana Ruvalcaba, Afshin Darian, Fernando Pérez, Sharan Foga, Paul Ivanov, Jason Grout
  • Review/Editing of Standing Committees and Working Groups draft

Feb 4, 2022

  • Attending: Tony Fast, Brian Granger, Jason Weill, Ana Ruvalcaba, Afshin Darian, Sylvain Corlay
  • Review comments left on the Standing Committees and Working Groups draft
  • Darian will open a draft pull request for the Standing Committees and Working Groups documents

Feb 11, 2022

  • Attending: Jason Weill, Jason Grout, Fernando Perez, Afshin Darian, Ana Ruvalcaba, Matthias Bussonnier, Sharan Foga, Gayle Ollington, Sylvain Corlay
  • Introduction to Gayle – Community Events Manager for Jupyter (employed at NF)
  • Check-in re: bootstrapping SSC and decision-making bodies (and updating an email to send to the Steering Council)
  • Check-in re: Standing Committees and Working Groups PR

Feb 18, 2022

Feb 25, 2022

  • Attending: Ana Ruvalcaba,Jason Weill, Afshin Darian, Brian Granger,Fernando Perez, Piyush Jain, Jason Grout,Sharan Foga
  • Reviewed feedback and comments on draft PR Working Groups and Standing Committees Standing Committees & Working Groups by afshin · Pull Request #121 · jupyter/governance · GitHub and moved it into the four week voting stage
  • Review Executive Board document and ensure aligned with Software Steering Council document already approved
  • Discussion on EB financial responsibilities

Mar 4, 2022


Mar 11, 2022

  • Attending: Jason Weill, Afshin Darian, Brian Granger, Fernando Pérez, Jason Grout, Piyush Jain, Ana Ruvalcaba, Sharan Foga
  • How to best communicate to the community that subproject councils have
  • Subprojects are starting to establish steering councils. Suggestion to create Python cookie cutter for Team Compass and socialize it at various subproject meetings. Discussed the possibility of writing a blog post or otherwise announcing the governance remodel in social channels. This process was last shared in November 2021 at the community call.
  • Action plan
    • (Darian/Brian/Zach?) One team works on a common cookie-cutter to share with subproject councils. Potentially use a template repo for this.
    • (Darian/Zach?) This will be communicated with (soon) participation in team meetings to socialize this plan and iterate on the language of the cookie-cutter so that it best serves all subprojects.Reach out to Community Building Committee if we want to explore hosting a recorded Zoom on this topic only.
    • (Ana)Research permissions in Discourse: can there be a public view with a closed permission to post? How fine grain are notifications - can folks get emails only for the topic they subscribe to?
    • (Jason) search and replace in governance docs/PRs “decision-making body” → “council” or “subproject council” and put in the relevant PR.
  • Chris Holdgraf opened a PR ([proposal] Have a dedicated Jupyter rainy day fund for · Issue #125 · jupyter/governance · GitHub). A year of cloud credits would solve the current problem at hand. Though a longer term solution is necessary. Recurring donations could be one route, Sharan shared what Apache does.
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Mar 25, 2022

  • Attending: Jason Weill, Afshin Darian, Fernando Pérez, Brian Granger, Ana Ruvalcaba, Sylvain Corlay, Jason Grout, Sharan Foga
  • Continue discussing Executive Board document including composition and term lengths
  • How to bootstrap of DEI Standing Committee

April 1, 2022