Google Group Access Management on Z2JH


I’ve set up a Z2JH installation on version 0.11.1, authenticating users with the GoogleOAuthenticator. However, we’d like to manage access based on membership in a google group. The google group is in our gsuite under the same domain name as our authenticator. I saw that this can be accomplished with this guide. I was wondering if it possible to do the same using config.yaml (the google authentication part is working as intended).

I’ve tried the following:

      client_id: placeholder
      client_secret: placeholder
      ouath_callback_url: https://my_domain_name/hub/oauth_callback
        - my_domain_name
      login_service: My Domain
        my_domain_name: "my_username"
        my_domain_name: '/path/to/service_account.json'
          - "google_group_name"   

but it throws a 500 server error after logging in with google.

Some project requirements:

  • This file needs to live in a (private) github repository, so we cannot have directly declared secret values (ie. the service account credentials). Related - can the “/path/to/service_account.json” be replaced with the json record contained within the credential file?
  • Ideally, we want to be able to push updates via github actions, so these secret values need to be able to be set from the command line (I’m not sure how that would work with hub.extraConfig). For example, we’re setting the authenticator credentials with
    --set hub.config.GoogleOAuthenticator.client_id=${{ secets.GOOGLE_AUTH_ID_SECRET_NAME }} within a github action.

If this is possible, any help would be much appreciated! A somewhat related question - in the line
c.GoogleOAuthenticator.gsuite_administrator = {'': 'someuser'} is that someuser the name of the service account or a real admin user?

Many thanks,