Git Support in RetroLab / notebook v7

JupyterLab extensions such as the git and github extension are Lab centric and build functionality into various palettes and JupyterLab IDE toolbars etc, but for document centric working in notebook (RetroLab as was), controls need to be added to the notebook app.

Are there any examples out there a simple notebook-centric JupyterLab extension demonstrating any git integration (eg even something as simple as a commit toolbar button (with a popup for the commit message)?

Probably the simplest for now is to use the JupyterLab Simple Mode?

Otherwise there is ongoing work and discussion to add left / right areas to notebook v7, that would be hidden by default: Adds left and right panels by jweill-aws · Pull Request #6327 · jupyter/notebook · GitHub

Also some exploration on letting users define the placement of widgets within a lab-based interface: Customize layout from settings by fcollonval · Pull Request #11614 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub

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