Get current user info in Jupyterlab extension


I am wondering is it possible to get the current logged in user info in Jupyterlab extension by making a call to Jupyterhub API, the only problem I am facing is that the tokens are assigned to the users. In the extension, I need to check if the user is an admin or not and then show the menu items accordingly?


The JupyterHub /user API endpoint should include the user’s scopes. Based on the scopes you can decide what menu items to show.

You are right, but the /user API endpoint expects a token for that specific user and returns the model based on the user token so the question is how do I get a user-specific token in the jupyterlab extension.

I figured out how to get the user-specific token in the extension by using PageConfig.getToken() function to get the token but this function returns an empty string instead of returning the token for the user.

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There’s already an API token on the server side. For example, if you start a JupyterLab terminal:

$ curl -H "Authorization: token $JUPYTERHUB_API_TOKEN" $JUPYTERHUB_API_URL/user

{"groups": [], "last_activity": "2022-02-23T21:49:51.553599Z", "kind": "user", "name": "asd", "admin": false, "session_id":null, "scopes": ["access:servers!user=asd", "read:users:activity!user=asd", "users:activity!user=asd"]}

Note you shouldn’t rely on the admin property with JupyterHub 2.0 since permissions are now much more fine grained- use the scopes field instead.

PageConfig.getToken() will be empty as there was a bug: Forward-port fixes from 1.5.0 security release by minrk · Pull Request #3679 · jupyterhub/jupyterhub · GitHub

Yes I can access the API token in Jupyterlab terminal but how do I access the same Token in my front end extension, is there any way to do this?

Now that jupyterlab-server has page_config_hook, PageConfig.getToken() will be able start returning the user’s token soon: Add user token to JupyterLab PageConfig by minrk · Pull Request #3809 · jupyterhub/jupyterhub · GitHub .

You could probably patch-in a similar page_config_hook via jupyter_server_config to work with current JupyterHub (note: you’d need to use the get_secure_cookie bit to make sure you still get the token for cookie-authenticated requests).

Something like:

# /etc/jupyter/
def page_config_hook(handler, page_config):
    hub_auth = handler.settings["hub_auth"]
    token = hub_auth.get_token(handler)
    if not token:
        token = handler.get_secure_cookie(self.cookie_name)
        if token:
            token = token.decode("ascii", "replace")
    page_config["token"] = token
    return page_config

c.ServerApp.tornado_settings.update({"page_config_hook": page_config_hook})
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Hi @minrk, sorry I am new to JupyterHub configuration and here is what my configuration file looks like for tljh but still I am unable to get token in my Jupyterlab extension.

This needs to be configuration for the single-user server (a different config file), not JupyterHub. You can put it in e.g. /etc/jupyter/