Following cookiecutter-ts tutorial step-by-steps leads to an error


I’m following this tutorial Building a Custom Widget - Email widget — Jupyter Widgets 8.0.0rc0 documentation (

When I get to the Test part and try to execute this code in Jupyter

from ipyemail import Email


I get an error from Jupyter Lab saying Error displaying widget: model not found or in Jupyter Classic, after opening up browser dev tools, I get multiple errors:
Could not instantiate widget
Error: Could not create a model.
Couldn't process kernel message Class EmailModel not found in module jupyter-email
Uncaught (in promise) Class EmailModel not found in module jupyter-email

I followed instructions 1:1 and do have Class EmailModel in my widgets.ts.
Also the ‘Hello World’ example worked fine, before renaming the classes as per instructions.

Any help would be appreciated.