Files and Directories (Folders) Do Not Appear When I Launch Jupyter Notebook

I have been running Jupiter Notebook for about a month on my new laptop without an issue and suddenly after a reboot when I launch it (by typing “jupyter notebook” in a terminal window) I get this:

No directories or files appear to allow me to navigate to my ipython notebooks. There are files and directories in my home directory from which I Iaunched jupyter. No error messages appear in the terminal window. If I follow any of the URLs that appear in the terminal window, I end up at the same screen.

If I hit the New button, I get no options for Notebooks, just “Text File”, “Folder”, and “Terminal”. If I choose “Text File” or “Terminal”, it spawns a new tab with the about:blank URL. Selecting “Folder” appears to do nothing.

Anyone got any ideas?

OS: Linux pop-os 5.4.0-7626-generic #30~1588169883~20.04~bbe668a-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 29 21:00:02 UTC x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Browser: Firefox 76.0 (64-bit)

Jupyter Notebook: 6.0.3

Latest install: wand 0.6.1 (via pip)

So I ran “conda update anaconda”, rebooted, and now it is working! Hope this helps someone in the future.