Failed PAM auth

Just upgraded to jupyter 1.4.2, and now user authentication isn’t working. We get e.g.:
PAM Account Check failed (xxx): [PAM Error 6] Permission denied

The underlying problem seems to be the pamela module:
python3 -m pamela -v username
[PAM Error 6] Permission denied

But this hasn’t been updated, so must be something to do with the way it’s being used by jupyterhub.

Any suggestions very welcome! Thanks…

Our config is:

c.JupyterHub.active_server_limit = 100
c.JupyterHub.concurrent_spawn_limit = 100
c.JupyterHub.cookie_secret_file = '/srv/jupyterhub/jupyterhub_cookie_secret'
c.JupyterHub.port = 443
c.JupyterHub.spawner_class = 'my_spawner.MySpawner'
c.JupyterHub.ssl_cert = '/etc/ssl/certs/jupyter-localhost-selfcert.crt'
c.JupyterHub.ssl_key = '/etc/ssl/private/jupyter-localhost-selfcert.key'
c.Spawner.cpu_limit = 1
c.Spawner.default_url = '/lab'

where the my_spawner is obtained from Jupyterhub Not Recognizing Users' Groups · Issue #1107 · jupyterhub/jupyterhub · GitHub

Fixed - we are using freeIPA, and we had to add “login” to the HBAC rule for all users.

So, this must be a change in the way Jupyter is authenticating, as it certainly wasn’t needed before…

Took a while to work out, so hopefully this will help someone else!