Extension development issue: "restorer.restore is not a function"

I’m working on a jupyterlab extension to add links in the Help menu to arbitrary URLs (for my purposes, internal API docs, but I hope to write this generically enough for anyone to use and configure).

I’m using the astronomy photo extension tutorial as well as jupyterlab’s help-extension as reference points.

I’ve been stuck for a while now on how to restore tabs on browser restart.

Chrome dev tools console is reporting the error on load as “restorer.restore is not a function”. I think I’m doing it correctly in my index.ts-- importing ILayoutRestorer, adding it to the requires list of the JupyterFrontEndPlugin definition, assigning ILayoutRestorer to the name “restorer” in the extension function arguments.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


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Hi @bklaa, it’s tough to say for sure without a code sample – can you post any snippets or a link to your code?

One thing you might want to check: is the order of tokens in requires the same as the ordering in your extension’s activate function? If they are not in the same order, you can get errors like this.

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That was it @ian-r-rose, thanks! As a typically-in-Python programmer, I think I was looking at those named arguments like **kwargs and didn’t think order would matter. Makes sense considering the objects are sent as a list.

The other user error that got me stuck was forgetting to run jlpm run build after changes, which was a pretty bad gotcha. I think I’d tried fixing the function argument order quite a while ago but dismissed it as a dead-end, when in fact I’d just forgotten to rebuild.

cheers and thanks for the help,