ErrPullImage on microk8s when using jupyter datascience notebook

Hi everyone.
I tried to setup the Jupyterhub on microk8s on my local computer. When I use the default configuration (not specifying singleuser image) it works perfectly, But when I use jupyter/datascience-notebook I get ErrPullImage error. I also used a custom image with pytorch installed on it and pushed it to local registry (localhost:32000 of microk8s) and It gives the same error. How can I solve this issue?

Since it’s working with the default singleuser image the problem is outside JupyterHub. Have you checked things like your networking, Docker hub rate limits, disk space, etc?

If you provide more information, ideally enough to reproduce your error from scratch (including your micro-k8s installation process) it’s possible someone on this forum who uses Microk8s will be able to help.