Error occurs when running jupyterlab-extension-example due to company network security policy


I’m testing jupyterlab-extension-example within my company’s secure network.
The following websites that are blocked from access due to the company’s security policy.


Perhaps unblocking a website is almost impossible.


1. An error occurs during execution as shown below. Is it possible to skip or disable this error part?

2. Or, after running this example in a non-blocked network environment, can the created extension be installed in jupyterlab in the above-mentioned blocking environment?

Please help.

============= error message ====================
Run this command for Launcher example : python -m pip install -e .

Complete output (41 lines):
running develop
running jsdeps
Installing build dependencies with npm. This may take a while…
> jlpm install
yarn install v1.21.1
info No lockfile found.
[1/4] Resolving packages…
error An unexpected error occurred: “upper blocked website”:
Request “upper blocked website”\ returned a 403".
info If you think this is a bug, please open a bug report with the information provided in …