Entering data in Jupyter notebooks

I am new to Jupyter notebook and try to replace Excel-based applications. I need a possibility, to allow unskilled people entering data with the possibility, that datatype and data range is checked during input, like in Excel with data validation settings.

Example given: A list containing date, time, integer and and a string.

After some research i stumpled upon ipysheet and tried to use that:

import ipysheet
import datetime
sheet = ipysheet.sheet(column_headers=["Date","Time","Value"], row_headers=False,rows=3, columns=3)

However that results in errors, whatever data type I try. Furthermore I see no possibility to limit the range of entered data like the date beeing after 2020-01-01 but before 2020-12-31. Or integers between 0-100.

Can someone point me into any solution, how I can solve the problem, that entered data meets constraints based on data type and range.

Thanks for any useful hint