Empty directory after server launch (using static PVC)

I’ve setup JupyterHub with the BinderHub yaml and I’m trying to launch named servers (through the JHub API) that each have their own storage directory on a static volume. The servers successfully launch and the subPath directory is successfully created on my NFS volume but the directories are not filled with the content of my image (multiple notebooks), it stays empty.

Note that I do see my notebooks when I disable my storage, then it just works fine…

Any help would be appreciated, it has been driving me mad.

Storage config:

      type: "static"
        pvcName: "nfs-persist"
        subPath: 'home/{username}'
    # I also tried with the default values 1000 & 1000
    uid: 0
    fsGid: 0
      - "jupyterhub-singleuser"
      - --allow-root