Edit social media preview images

Is it possible to configure what image is used in a social media preview of a topic? Either in general/site-wide way or even better on a topic level?

This came up here: https://twitter.com/parente/status/1132322757516115968 via @parente

I will look into it!

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I don’t know that it’s possible per post…but maybe site wide. Will do some googling

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Hmmm, I still haven’t figured out a way to change that preview image. I was able to set the “large background” image on twitter, but that isn’t the square image you were talking about here :-/

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Thanks for looking into it. Should we wait a bit for @consideRatio to come back from his holiday, he seems to know all the things about discourse :slight_smile:

Good point. To clarify… Are you imagining just a default image for every post? Like just the jupyter logo or something?

I think for a more detailed “what exactly do we want” we should ask @parente directly.

I think the idea was to not have a persons personal avatar in the preview if possible.

I’m asking around here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/customize-the-image-shown-on-twitter-previews/118803

OK I think I might have figured this out. I just created a post and this is the image that popped up:

I did this by modifying the “large social image” setting w/ an image that fit the right dimensions for twitter. It seems like this might only apply to new posts and not to old ones? I’m not sure, we should keep an eye on it :slight_smile:

Ah, something else I noticed, I believe that if you link to only the thread itself, rather than a reply within that thread, then the social media preview will be a generic one as well.

E.g. post a link to


rather than


That is a onebox:

@betatim @choldgraf Thanks for researching various options. The idea was indeed to have the Jupyter logo appear in tweets rather than a particular person’s avatar.

I also learned that if you include an image in the post, it becomes the social media preview.

I tried that with the community call thread (though I failed on the image aspect ratio :laughing:) .

yes! I noticed :slight_smile: btw - how did you make that image? If you like, we could do the same font style for this forum (for the “community forum” logo in the top left).

If you like, we could do the same font style for this forum (for the “community forum” logo in the top left)

For sure! I made the image in Inkscape. I’ll add the SVG to the jupyter/design later today.

I actually stumbled upon the Jupyter brand guideline when searching for how to make a logo. I was really helpful. It suggests Helvetica Neue for Jupyter logo subtext.

Aside from that, I made a few choices:

  • I used all lower-case to be consistent with “jupyter” in the main logo
  • I adjusted the font weight to complement the main part of the logo (used regular).
  • I used the second lightest grey (#757575) from the guidelines to complement the main logo.
  • I moved the planet logo down slightly to balance the two-line text.

Thanks for the guidelines! I tried to find Helvetica Neue but it wasn’t on my windows machine, probably something that Apple licenses but Windows doesn’t?

Lemme see if I can find that font online somewhere and if so, will make a new version following your suggestions

You’re totally right! I didn’t realize Helvetica Neue was proprietary. We should probably abandon it and use something similar but free, like Roboto. That’s what I usually use to replace HN.

I think I will update that in the community call logo.

Also, I realized I was wrong about the font color. I used the second lightest grey color (#757575). I updated my post above.

yep, I was using Roboto too :slight_smile:

edit: the logo is now updated!

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Great! I’ve submitted a PR (#60) to the design repo with the community call logo.