Easy way to print last assignment in cell?

A common pattern in my notebooks is cells ending with

my_var = STUFF

or equivalently

display(my_var := STUFF)

I would prefer if I could instead end the cell with

my_var := STUFF

or something similarly short.

Is there a way to resolve this annoyance?

This is an upstream wontfix from CPython, as discussed on IPython.

The workaround is to wrap the assignment in a parenthesis, e.g.

(x := 1)

Thanks for sharing.

I found a solution on the discussion you linked: I now run
config InteractiveShell.ast_node_interactivity=‘last_expr_or_assign’
automatically every session.

Let’s hope this won’t have unpleasant side effects :slight_smile:

unpleasant side effects

really just the ones cited on the upstream CPython, where the syntax is less portable.