Drop-down multi-select using bootstrap-select


I’m trying to implement a plugin for jupyterlab. I have started with the ui, which I need a dialog to get the required info from the user. One of the information should be retrieved from a drop-down multi-select list. But I’m not getting the desired result:


First, the size of the list box is very small, second it’s not drop-down. I know I need to use bootstrap-select, but don’t know how.

Any help would be appreciated, I’m very new to javascript.


Hi @frouzbeh,

An alternative to bootstrap-select that can play nice with the existing JupyterLab UI would be to use the MultiSelect component from the blueprintjs library: https://blueprintjs.com/docs/#select/multi-select

blueprint is already used within JupyterLab in the ui-components package (for some of the Toolbar items for example), so something similar to this could work?


Thanks @jtp, I will try it and let you know.