Does jupyter server proxy support SSE event streams?

I tried to proxyfy a web app using traitlets, and I can access to this webapp without any problem after clicking in its icon in the launcher. No problem at all…

… except that this webapp uses SSE event streams and the data the browser should receive from server is not received unless I refresh the contents manually (F5 or similar).

There is some discussions about making SSE event streams working through nginx proxy:

But this is not the problem here and I was wondering if jupyter server proxy is compatible with SSE event streams.

Can anyone give a hint on this issue?

Thank you in advance.

I’m not familiar with SSE, but this is the code used by jupyter-server-proxy:

Do you have a simple test case we could add to the tests?

Hello manics, thanks for your reply.

I understand the SSE but I am not an expert. In the next resource there is a good explanation:

Maybe we could extract a test for the jupyter-server-proxy project from the next sources / examples?

They use this for the testing:

I hope this can help to build a test, as currently I am overloaded of work.

Thank you again

Any news about the compatibility of jupyter server proxy with SSE?