Does anyone have the PhosphorJS videos in a format that is easier to see?

The explanations in these videos are very well communicated. However, it’s unfortunate that the content on the screen is hard to see.

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Thank you, Adam, I didn’t know that something like these videos existed. They would have saved me weeks trying to understand how to use PhosphorJS/Lumino. Unfortunately I cannot even recognize which files are discussed in the videos. I agree that they would be very valuable for newcomers (including me) to get started with JupyterLab development.

Maybe the videos haven’t been recorded in higher quality. If somebody could tell, which files are discussed in each of the videos, I’ll try to create a written documentation from what is explained in the videos. I’ll be happy to do so for 1-2 videos, and maybe we can share this task between more interested developers to get all 9 videos “transcribed.”


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If I set the videos to 1080p on youtube, I could (barely) make out the URLs in the browser address bar, and watching through the video showed the larger text (and vocal explanation) when he actually changed files. Here’s what I have for the first two videos:

In PhosphorJS Mentor Session - 2019.02.08 - YouTube

In PhosphorJS Mentor Session - 2019.02.15 - YouTube

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