Document domain registration for JupyterHub

In the Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes doc, the intro says:

" It’s also possible you end up getting experienced with:

But I can’t find any information on how to do that (mostly because any attempt to google “domain resgistration with jupyterhub” leads to a lot of promoted ads.

It would be great to have a dedicated section on the doc! Or did I miss it?

There is nothing special about how to register a domain that you can use with your hub. There are lots of different companies that offer domain name registration and hosting for the DNS afterwards. I’d pick one you already use for other domains you have or one a friend uses. Or shop around for one that gives you a good price for the top level domain (.at I guess in your case) you want.

thanks @betatim. I was thinking more about something in the lines of . I know how to buy a domain, but there seems to be several options associated with registering an IP and I wondered if there are best practices here. Also, I wondered if there is something to do on the JupyterHub side, like with Github pages (i.e. JupyterHub is happy with an IP and doesn’t need to know it’s domain name?).

But again, I understand that you guys know how to do all these things. It’s a bit more engaged for non-specialists and a short section on the Zero to JupyterHub could help.

I don’t think the hub needs to know the domain it is hosted at unless you want to use let’s encrypt to get a SSL certificate (which you really really want!). The guide for this is

Otherwise I always create a A record for the domain that points at the IP of the hub.