Direct access to my Dashboard create with Jupyter Notebook?


I’ve two questions about my dashboard and jupyter Notebook.

I’ve a bash script which recover the output of the df command in 99 servers ( Linux and AIX ). Each output is locally save in a csv file.

My script allow to create three dropdown : one for the server name, the second for the date and the last to choose an filesystem as filter. Then, a table appear with the CSV followed by a graph.

Everytime that I need to use my dashboard, I’ve to run jupyter notebook on my terminal ( it’s mean that I can’t use my terminal ), then I’ve to go on http://localhost/tree:8888.

First question : there is a way to ensure that jupyter notebook was already run in background ?

Second question : there is a way to access at my dashboard by an URL that looks like : http://localhost/MY_DASHBOARD ?

Basically, I just want to have an access at my dashboard like it was an web page… But I don’t know how to do that. Do you have any documentation to do this step by step ?

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

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For the second question, you can directly link to a specific notebook in the path. However, it sounds like preferably you want the interface to not just be the default notebook as well. For that you can use Appmode or Voila. For both of those you’d also need to specify opening the specific notebook, in the form of an app now, by using the URL. For Appmode, this is addressed here.

More along these lines has been discussed here, here, here, and here.