DEI Committee Introduction

Hi everyone. The Jupyter Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee has created this new topic in Discourse with the goal of creating a connection or communication point within our community.

There are four founding members serving on this committee in alphabetical order:
@Ruv7 Ana Ruvalcaba
@Lucy_Jimenez Lucy Jimenez
@marthacryan Martha Cryan
@jweill-aws Jason Weill

The purpose of this committee is to lead strategic initiatives designed to improve the diversity, equity, and inclusion of Project Jupyter community leaders, contributors, and end users across the globe. For the long-term sustainability of our community, we champion efforts to build an open source environment where people feel respected, valued, and encouraged to continue participating. The DEI committee impacts all Jupyter forums, including but not limited to software, working groups, standing committees, JupyterCon, social media, GitHub, the EC, and the SSC.

You can find our full charter at Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee Charter — Project Jupyter Governance

We welcome ideas and feedback on DEI topics! Reach out here on Discourse or via email at

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