Debugger not showing up

Hi all,

in our jupyterhub installation, the debugger is not enabled for system python kernel with ipykernel already installed. However, the debugger works for user-based kernels.

Any Idea?

Thanks in advance.

system python kernel

If by system you mean, “operating system”: these often lag behind in versioning, and have conservative dependencies: you may want to ensure the following:

  • ipykernel >=6 is installed
  • debugpy is installed
  • pip check doesn’t reveal any package inconsistencies
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Thank you @bollwyvl for the quick reply, by system I mean for all users (HPC). I checked again in the python module (which the kernel is based on):

  • ipykernel 6.13.1
  • debugpy 1.6.0
  • pip check does return some package inconsistencies but not related to ipykernel or debugpy
    • intake-esm

The error message is: “Select a kernel that supports debugging …”

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